Some of my earliest memories are of making art. My father was an artist so my creative endeavors were always supported and encouraged. I am intrigued by the tossed words, phrases, and moments in time of everyday life that are simple but rich in their simplicity. I enjoy creating images that portray these many levels of meaning. My art is a reflection of my past and present experiences with people, places and things. I intend that my analysis of the tossed and found will raise questions and offer a twist of humor.

I recently relocated from the west coast to the east coast. The loss and search of place has been the foundation for my current body of work. As I physically changed directions my new work reflects varying degrees of my external and internal pressures, and how, as a consequence, my perception of inner and outer space has changed.

I don’t limit myself to any particular medium, I just use what I feel expresses the idea best. I enjoy using graphite for its immediacy and expressive linear qualities. My use of paper, vellum, and encaustic enable me to show many layers which add poetic mystery to my work. I can now be found in New York––creating art, teaching art, and working hard at becoming another version of myself.